Marco Missinato Resume

      Marco Missinato is a gifted and talented singer and musician raised in the beautiful ancient city of Rome, Italy.

Marco's performances add romance, elegance and sophistication or lively background music, fun and dancing to any event.

What distinguishes Marco from other entertainers is his versatility and originality combining Classics and Standards with pop, light jazz, international styles and tempos, singing in Italian, English, Spanish and Portughese for a full musical experience like no other.
Marco's repertoire includes over 500 International World famous songs as well as many dance hits (Songs List)
From intimate private parties to large parties, special occasions, holidays, celebrations, weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events and festivals, (List of Services), Marco's music and energy creates an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.

Marco performs nationally and internationally
as a solo self-contained performer
with a sophisticated keyboard and sound system or as a duo, trio and up to a full live band.

Updated:  June 5, 2010

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