Deafening Insight Resume

      Idea of forming a band was made by Lassi Eklöv in 2006 when he and Jarno Setälä was in same music class. At the beginning the idea was a joke, but it went serious in no time.

At the start Lassi was drummer but he gave up for it and he begun to play guitar. We got a new drummer Pekka Ojala, which harmfully had to give up drumming in the band. He was replaced by Kari Luomaharju. Only thing we needed was basist and Jussi Lohipuro joined the band.

The band begun to play covers like "Master of Puppets" and "Dying in your arms" but in summer 2009, we started to write own songs and at the end of 2009 we started to record our first album 'Predicted Times' with our school teacher which is musician as himself, Arto Martikainen. Predicted Times came out in march 2010.

In august we're warming up for one of the popularest band in Finland, Happoradio, in Noitarock which is an rock-event in Ruovesi.

Updated:  June 26, 2010

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