Budmo Resume

      Folk music ensemble "Budmo!" - Original with a pronounced manner of musicians collective that unites young and devoted to traditions of Ukrainian folk music enthusiasts.
A characteristic feature of the creative group "Budmo!" is the compliance of national manners, hard work achieved over the decoding musicians and folk melodies, their instrumentation.

Various tools is our team. Apart from classical violins, flutes, klaneta used traditional Ukrainian folk instruments: flute, dulcimer, lyre, etc..
It was designed at the highest wave of national musical revival.It was born in 1994 at Kiev State University of Culture and Arts under the direction of Mykoly Holyucheka our group in the next year became the first winner of a Youth Festival-the "pearl of the season.
Our group can rightly be called a propagandist folk instrumental music. Its members - the future leaders of similar groups, but today they teamed to continue the best traditions of folk music ensemble in Ukraine.
Our team is relatively young, but encouraging further self-improvement, enrichment of folk instruments and repertoire.

Updated:  July 8, 2010

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