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- Sibelius 6 Quick Tips: 40 video tutorials for the music notation program Sibelius 6

- Orchestrating piano music in Sibelius 7.5 with Ewqlso Gold

- Creating Realistic Piano Recordings in Sibelius 7.5

- Working with Lyrics in Sibelius 6


"Balance" for Saxophone Quintet

Piano solo

Prelude and fugue

Sonata No. 0

Sonata No. 1, “Laura Lee”

Sonata No. 2, “Golden Anniversary”

“Moments” (13 movements)

Mood-swings (3 parts)

Violin and piano

“Moments” (14 movements),


Solo voice and piano

“Indwellings” (7 songs)

“Trauerlieder” (11 songs)

“Die Sängerin und ihren Pianist” (4 songs)

“Inland Sea”

Solo voice and Orchestra

“Indwellings” (7 songs for baritone solo and orchestra)

“Indwellings” (7 songs for soprano solo and orchestra)

Piano trio

Piano trio no. 1 for violin, horn and piano (4 movements)

“Moments” for clarinet, cello and piano (4 movements)

String Quartet

"10 Moments" for String Quartet

Vocal Quartet


String Orchestra

“After work, Late at Night” (+ solo violin)



“A Paean” (with solo tenor and woodwinds)

“Five Choir Songs”

“The Next Millennium”

“Living on Planet Earth”


Symphony no. 1 (4 movements)

Symphony no. 2, "Laura Lee” (4 movements)

“Indwellings” (7 songs for baritone solo and orchestra)

“Indwellings” (7 songs for baritone solo and orchestra)

"Seven Symphonic Poems”, a collection of seven movements for orchestra, inspired by poems of Richard Schletty.

Updated:  September 28, 2015

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