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Charles F. "Freddie" Frazier, Percussionist (Acoustic/Electronic)
Charles "Freddie" Frazier has performed as a band member and freelance musician for more than 20 years. He has played professionally with artists of varying musicalbackgroundsand genres within the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area. Freddiepossessesmusical experienceinJazz, Gospel, R&B, Rock, Latin and Country music. As a youngmusician, Freddie wasgreatlyinfluenced by such artists asHarvey Mason, PaulindoDe Costa, and Ralph MacDonald.The musicproduced by these musiciansdeepened his love for percussion. As a professional, Freddiehas accompanied"Seal of Approval Band,"DC's legendary "Eddie Jones and the Young Bucks,""KUKU,""Aleksis Bulmanis,""Denise Johnson", "New Image,""ReJoice,"and "The Legendary Dynamic Superiors and WilliamDeVaughn".
A teacher by profession, Freddie also enjoys sharing his talents with other budding artist, and introducing hisinstrumentsto youngsters.

Updated:  January 10, 2010

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