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      Girl + the Machine

Asian Chanteuse-fronted experimental music group. Electro-rock and space-pop with an ethnic flavour of world music. Incorporating video projections and theatrics. Girl + the Machine conjure images of late-era Siouxsie with a penchant for mod. A profound audio-visual experience.

Video demo:

Girl + the Machine performers:
Jackie L. a.k.a Girl / vocal
Fred Y./ bass
Geoff O./ guitar
Neil M./ percussion


About Girl + the Machine

Girl + the Machine are a musical performance group delivering a distinctive audio-visual experience in concert venues around the globe. Girl + the Machine combine a unique blend of original music and theatrics - creating a thrilling stage show that engages audiences of all tastes.

On stage, the group is fronted by Jackie (aka Girl), an incredibly charismatic and powerful singer. Jackie's sultry vocals (delivered in various languages), are complimented by the delicate grace of her dance moves and fascinating outfit designs. Musicians Geoff, Fred and Neil employ various instruments to create an artistic synergy of electro-rock and space-pop with an ethnic flavour of world music.

Integral to the Girl + the Machine live show is the inclusion of video projections. Inspired video images synchronize with the music, yielding a profound experience of sight and sound. Girl + the Machine have brought their performance production to festivals, theatres, clubs, and hotels across North America, South America, and Asia. Girl + the Machine are excited to introduce this stage show to new markets and venues.

Formed in Toronto, 2003, Girl + the Machine have recently signed with Aporia Records. In October of 2009, Girl + the Machine will release their upcoming album titled “Hello Earth”. Following this, Girl + the Machine will resume touring throughout Asia.

GTM Reviews

'A new sound contrasting their female singers 'candy voice against her edgy electronic-rock band of boys. With their globally recognizable visual art show performance and (topical) lyrics...we were touched to receive them all the way from Toronto, Canada'
- Capricho magazine Brazil

'To refer to them simply as a "band" would be doing them a serious disservice.'
- McLuhan Festival

'There's a spacy, sci-fi edge to their sound - Broadcast, Laika or Portishead with more international flavor.'
- The Ottawa Sun

'All four members add up to sonic enlightenment through slamming jackhammer aural'
- Dayjob Magazine

'Anyone who enjoys Bjork when she's fun, or Gwen when she's not a sell-out, should come to this show.'

Updated:  September 12, 2009

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