MaxVerri Resume

      Piano and keyboards Player, Rhythm Guitar Player, Singer, Live Keyboard/DJ Session Player.

Italian artist, showed his love and his talent for the music at the young age of six.
He was born in a musician's family.
He started play Guitar, Violin, Organ and at the least he felt his love and attitude for the Piano, without never study music.
Some years later he had private Piano Study by a great Italian Pianist, teacher in Conservatory;
After Superior Maturity Degree in Italy, he took his artistic road.

He started his music carrier from 1976 to 1997 playing with various Rock, Fusion, Pop bands.
He have had plenty experience in various fields of music; from a session musician to FOH engineer with famous Italian
artists such as: New Trolls, Donatella Rettore, Scialpi, Dik Dik, Marisa Sacchetto;

He also collaborated with: Pooh, Gianni Morandi, Rita Forte, Martufello, Giorgio Faletti, Raoul Cremona, Pamela Prati.

From 1987 beginning of “One Man Band” in PianoBar, VIP Hall Club, Disco Bar, Hotel, Casino, Conventions and Private
parties performances;

DJ song writer, arranger and player too.

Updated:  May 14, 2014

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