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ARMANDO LOPEZ MORENO, the young-talented latin classical guitarist with years of dedication on classical guitar. Ciudad Havana - Cuba where he is originally from is the place where many Cuban classical guitar composers and players was born.

Born and brought up with Latin symphony and ambience as a “Music is soul of the people's heart”, he start his musical and guitar formal education at 10 years old, have been traveled and joined many International guitar festivals such as Computerized Music International Conference ICMC in 2001, took part in the Guitar Orchestra under direction of Master Jesus Ortega. Performed at the International Festival of Urban Music, Venezuela, performed at Primavera International Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music, part of the series concert Aires Americanos with Sonantas Habaneras, part of the VI National Meeting of Concert Music with Sonantas Habaneras, part of the XI Contest and guitar festival in La Habana - Cuba, duet performance with the violist and Professor Oscar Carreras, and performed as soloist classic guitar player duet with laudista and Professor Efrain Amador.

Armando Moreno completed bachelor in art degree in performance at the main room of the Institute of Superior Art Cuba. He graduated in honors and won prizes in the National Guitar Contest, Amadeo Roldan Provintial Contest Music, and mentioned from the panel of judges on the Guillermo Tomas Guitar Contest, La Habana, Cuba.
As his passion in classical guitar, he dedicate his knowledge by teaching a classical guitar, history of the guitar and Cuban music workshop at the music school of the National School of Art (ENA) in Cuba soon as he became member of National Union of Writers and Artist of Cuba (UNEAC) which only selected musicians become a member of this association.

Received a classical guitar classes from International well known Classical Guitar Maestro, composer, and an excellent player such as Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Isaac Nicola (Cuba), Rey Guerra (Cuba), Efrain Amador ( Cuba), Alirio Diaz (Venezuela), Victor Pellegrini (Argentina) as a solo guitarist. And masterly classes from Leo Brouwer (Cuba, Efrain Amador (Cuba), Joaquin Clerch (Cuba), Costas Cotsiolis (Greece), Eliot Fisk (USA), Shin Ichi Fukuda (Japan), Pepe Romero and Marco Socias (Spain), and Eduardo Barazano (Uruguay).
Besides a classical guitar, Armando Moreno also received an electric guitar classes from Jorge Luis Chicoy (Cuba).
“I don't know how this 13 years old boy can make music with this broken guitar” Leo Brouwer testimonial for Armando Moreno in personal casual play in front of Leo Brouwer and some advance level Cuban Classical Guitar player in 1993.

Updated:  August 22, 2011

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