Normita Resume

      Music Studies:

-Centro Pedagogico Musical 1996-2005 (Piano)
-Escuela Musical Miranda 2004 - 2006 (Music Theory)
-Degrees obtained: Piano teacher, Music Theory teacher

Participation in events:

XVIII Latin American Competition "Rosa Mistica", Curitiba, Brazil. Certificate of Participation and Mention of Honor.October 16 and 17, 1999
First Young Pianists Concert, Auditorium of the MEC. April 14, 2000
Second Concerto for Young Pianists, MEC Auditorium.June 15, 2000
XIX Latin American Competition "Rosa Mistica" Curitiba, Brazil. April 14 and 15 , 2000
First Meeting of Young Performers, MEC Auditorium.April 25, 2001
Meeting of Young Performers, MEC Auditorium.August 23, 2001
Meeting of Young Performers, MEC Auditorium.September 27, 2001
Fourth Latin American Conducting Course, with Miguel Angel Gilardi and Luis Szaran. February 10 to 14, 2003
Concerts at the Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires - Argentina, in the Latin American orchestras meeting, as part of the Chamber Orchestra "Herminio Gimenez" of Ita. September 13 to 18, 2003
Participation Certificate 1 year Conducting, musical arrangements and composition, Sonidos de la Tierra Project. November 29, 2003
2nd National Seminary of Youth Orchestras, Fram-Itapua. January 20-25, 2004
Camping Musical Mamorei, Ybycui.April 27 to May 2, 2004.
Master classes with Paul Carlson, from the State University of Pittsburgh.July 2, 2004
3rd National Seminar of Youth Orchestras, Caacupe.July 13-18, 2004
Concerts at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, integrating the Chamber Orchestra of the Paraguayan American Cultural Center.
Course of orchestral, musical arrangements and composition (year II) with Luis Szaran and Jose Luis Miranda.November 20, 2004
4th Youth Orchestras Festival, San Ignacio, Misiones.December 22, 2004
5th National Seminar of Youth Orchestras, Luque
Camping Musical Mamorei.15 to 18 September 2005
National Seminar of Youth Orchestras, Paraguari­. January 30 to February 4, 2006
National Seminar of Youth Orchestras, Concepcion. July 11-16, 2006
Camping Musical Mamorei.October 18 to 22, 2006
European tour (Germany, Switzerland) with the World Orchestra of Sonidos de la Tierra.October 23 to November 13, 2006
String master classes with the teachers Ramiro Miranda and Selim Giray.August 13-16, 2008
Launch of a CD, as pianist accompanist of the teacher Miguel Angel Echeverria, first violin of the Symphonic Orchestra of Asuncion, Paraguay.
Camping Mamorei Musical Tour of the World Orchestra Sonidos de la Tierra (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay) August 24, 2009
Recording of a documentary about latinoamerican baroque music for the french television with Paraguay Barroco. October, 2011

Integrated Orchestras

Orquesta de Camara Heminio Gimenez
Mega Orquesta Sonidos de la Tierra
Orquesta de Camara Fernando Centurion
Orquesta Sinfonica Academica Nacional
Banda de Vientos Fernandez Moreno
Orquesta de Camara del Centro Paraguayo Americano
Orquesta de Camara Mozart
Orquesta Sinfonica Sonidos de la Tierra
Orquesta Sinfonica de la Universidad del Norte
Camerata Miranda

Work Experiences

National Conservatory of Music. Teaching piano, music theory. 2006
Conservatory of Music Luis Alberto del Paraná.Teaching piano, music theory.2006-2010
Philarmonic Association of Itaugua. Teaching piano, music theory and violin.2001 - 2010
Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers, ITC Welcome Group. Chennai, India. August 2010 - February 2011. Entertainer
Acacia Hotel, Bin Majid Hotels. Ras Al Khaimah, UEA. 2012. Entertainer

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