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My name is Oscar Murillo, but better known as Oz.
I was born in Chula Vista, California. Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed music and art. Rhythm and beat tempos have been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I developed a passion for music during my childhood leading to my first formation of a rock band as a teenager at 15. I was about 5 years old when I first learned to play an instrument: the piano. My father studied piano as a child and taught me what he knew about it. I soon began to study it but I found that listening to songs and playing them on the piano was a lot more fun to me. I developed a feel for music. I stopped playing the piano a few years, however, I never quit listening to music or picking up other instruments. I was never sent to music school nor had the chance of taking lessons because of our family’s tight economy. If I wanted to play something, I had to learn by myself.
I picked up the Guitar at about 14 years old, in Junior High. It was then when I started my first compositions with only an acoustic guitar and a mini-keyboard that was given to me as a B-Day gift. I kept playing up until high school with my buds. When I turned 17, after moving out of my parent’s house I bought myself my first electric guitar with my small savings and the help of my girlfiend... not too proud of that. I soon formed my 2nd “Formal” band: AGAMA. It was with this band that I finally achieved a feeling of a slight success. It was a step towards the beginning of fulfilling my dream as a musician. We created quite a few songs together - “Shining Light” and “Nobody for now”(check out myspace.com/agama).
These songs were recorded in a garage with minimal equipment and mixed on a desktop computer with some cheap software. Despite our amateur level and kinks some of us had to work on, some people truly believed in our skills and encouraged us to record professionally but due to the lack of resources we weren’t able to do so. Our budget was simply close to zero. We played various gigs together for about 2 years but for different reasons things didn’t work out and the band was soon disbanded. Decided not to give up, I kept on writing and recording on my own. I made my recent recordings with only a laptop and the same cheap mixing software that I had used before; recording one instrument at a time, following with the vocals then mixing them all together.
Aiming for a project in Japan, I am beginning to focus on writing in the Japanese language along with finding a band to perform with.
I believe that when you love something, it don't matter how many hurdles there are in the way, you just go for it.

Music: everything and everywhere.

Updated:  January 7, 2009

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