eugenia Resume

       Born in Athens, Greece. Studied classical piano in National Concervatory M. Kalomoiris in Athens, where she got soloist's diploma. She has graduated from Ioannis Kapodistrias University of Athens/ Department of Music Studies. Meanwhile has participated in seminars and masterclasses with Constantin and Julia Ganev, Paul-Badura Skoda, Stella Dimitrova and perfected her studies with the pianist Igor Tarasansky.
As a jazz singer has attended masterclasses and seminars for jazz singing/ scating with Shawn Monteiro, Gege Telesforo and Bob Stolloff.
She has worked extensively for the theatre and has collaborated with the National Theatre, Amphitheatron Sp. Evangelatos, National Opera as a musical instructor,co-repetitor, and/or as a musician of the orchestra.
Has played as a soloist as well as a member of chamber music ensembles.
Her belief is that music is beyond genres, there is only music one likes or not... In this context she has collaborated with many musicians from Greece and abroad that come from different "traditions" and musical genres, recording and/or playing live.
Since 2006 she is into jazz more than everything else (piano-vox), and she co-leads with the guitarist Nestor Dimopoulos the jazz group "Music Soup".

Updated:  September 14, 2015

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