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More Informations about Goryo Goryokaku as Soloist / Concert Violinist

Professional Experiences

Goryo Goryokaku is the soloist violinist for the concert at Collégiale Notre-Dame and Saint-Domitianus of Huy / Hoei on 01 June 2008, Saint-Catherine Church of Brussels on 07 May 2005, IMEP Concert Church Hall on 24 November 2007, La Plante Church of Namur / Namen on 23 December 2007, Saint-Christophe Church of Hannut on 19 April 2008, Saint-Martin Church of Leuze on 25 April 2005 (Belgium), the Redeemer Church of Hamburg on 28 February 2015 (Germany), Immaculate Church of Crotone on 28 December 2014 (Italy), Presbytery / Presbytère of Saint-Cast in April 2003, Église de Hourtin on 22 April 2017 (France), Saint-Maria Church of Štanjel on 12 April 2013 (Slovenia), Chapel of Tannenhoehe Villingen on 16 October 2013, 29 August 2014 & 25 September 2015, the Christ Church of Hamburg on 14 September 2013, and All Saints Anglican Cathedral of Tulsa on 11 December 2016 (OK U.S.A.) etc. and also performed at Chapelle Boondael / Boendael of Brussels (Belgium) as violinist for trio and duo in 2005 and 2003.Currently Goryo Goryokaku is 8 1st Prizes, 1 1st Classification, 4 Golden Medals, 3 Grand Prix, 2 Trophies, 2 Honor Prizes and 1 Golden Prize winner.

Goryo Goryokaku has violin repertories of 45 violin concertos, 19 virtuoso works for violin and orchestra, 28 virtuoso and small works with piano accompaniment, 18 Violin Sonatas with piano accompaniment, 11 unaccompanied violin sonatas, 4 string duos (with cello or harp), 3 Trios, 2 Quartets, 2 Quintets, 1 Sextet, etc. However, she is also capable to learn and play new and the newest violin repertories at the same time of professional perfections and concert performances of current major violin programs, even with combination of the most difficult works by Niccolò Paganini, Henryk Wieniawski, Henri Vieuxtemps, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdi, Johannes Brahms, Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky, Pablo De Sarasate, Camille Saint=Saëns, Jean Sibelius, Eugène Ysaÿe, Igor Stravinsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Richard Strauss, Alexander Glazounov, etc.Since October 2014 Goryo Goryokaku became Rostered Artist at Price Rubin & Partners (PRP) as soloist violinist with orchestra for Sponsored Concert Program and this agreement with PRP had been renewed in end of September 2016 for next Seasons.

Winning Prizes of Goryo Goryokaku at International and National Music Competitions (as Violinist)

13 June 2017

Third Class. and Medal winner at XX Concorsi Internazionali di Musica della Val Tidone (Pianello Val Tidone Piacenza Italy)

04 June 2017

Primo Classificato / First Classification with Golden Medal winner at XVI Concorso Musicale Internazionale "Paolo Barrasso" (Caramanico Terme Pescara Italy)

27 May 2017

First Prize winner at IX Concorso Internazionale di Esecuzione Musicale Città di Airola (Airola BN Italy)

30 April 2017

First Absolute Prize (Vote : 100 / 100) and Medal winner at IV Concorso Internazionale di Esecuzione Musicale "Clara Wieck Schumann" (Massa MS Italy)

26 March 2017

Fourth Prize at I International Competition "Musica in Langa" (Castiglione Falletto CN Italy)

03 April 2016
Bronze Award at VIII SVIRÉL International Music Competition for Soloists and Chamber Groups. (Dubrovo v Brdih Slovenia)

04 December 2015
Medal winner at Concorso Internazionale di Esecuzione e Composizione Musicale Don Vincenzo Vitti (Castellana Grotte BA Italy)

08 November 2015
First Absolute Prize (Vote : 98 / 100) and Golden Medal winner at XIII Concorso Internazionale Giovani Musicisti Città di Paola Premio S. Francesco di Paola (Paola CS Italy)

29 March 2015
First Prize winner at X Concorso Internazionale di Musica Trofeo Città di Greci (Greci Avvelino Italy)

08 December 2014
Trophy winner at XXIII Concorso Internazionale per Giovani Musicisti Gianluca Campochiaro (Pedara CT Italy)

November 2014

Third Prize at XXII International Music Competition Premio Vittoria Caffa Righetti at Chiesa San-Francesco (Church) of Cortemilia (Cortemilia CN Italy)

28 May 2014
Golden Prize from Porto San Giorgio City "In occasione del XXI Concorso Violinistico Internazionale Andrea Postacchini" awarded. (Porto San Giorgio / Fermo FM Italy)

03 September 2013
First Prize winner at XVI Concorso Internazionale Vincenzo Scaramuzza (Crotone KR Italy)

02 June 2013
First Prize and the Trophy winner at XV Concorso Internazionale di Musica EUTERPE (Corato BA Italy)

18 May 2013
First Absolute Prize (Vote : 100 / 100) and the Golden Medal winner at VIII Concorso Internazionale Giovani Musicisti Luigi Denza at Reggia di Quisisana of Castellammare di Stabia (Castellammare di Stabia NA Italy)

14 April 2013
Bronze Award at Svirél International Competition and Festival for Soloists and Chamber Music Groups (Štanjel / Daniele del Carso Slovenia)

01 July 2012
Honor Prize at XV T.I.M. - Torneo Internazionale di Musica / Tournoi International de Musique Edition 2011 - 2012 in Paris Final Series awarded (Paris France)

17 May 2012
Golden Medal winner at VII Concorso Internazionale Giovani Musicisti Luigi Denza at Reggia di Quisisana of Castellammare di Stabia (Castellammare di Stabia NA Italy)

12 November 2011
First Prize winner at XIX International Music Competition Premio Vittoria Caffa Righetti at Chiesa San Francesco (Church) of Cortemilia (Cortemilia CN Italy)

23 May 2008
Second Prize at I Concours International de Musique et d'Art Dramatique Leopold Bellan (Paris France)

20 February 2008
Honor Prize at XIII T.I.M. - Torneo Internazionale di Musica / Tournoi International de Musique Edition 2007 - 2008 as the First Place in the violin section of the Namur Belgium Series after performing "Fantaisie sur des motifs de l'opéra Faust de Gounod (alias Faust Fantasy)" by Henryk Wieniawski with Georges Deppe at the Concert Church Hall of the Institut Supérieur de Musique et de Pédagogie (Namur / Namen NA Belgium)

23 April 2005
Winner at V Festival Tremplins Jeunesses Musicales (Belgian National Chamber Music Competition) as "Duo Micromégas" for Violin (Naoko Matsui) and Cello (Adrien Tsilogiannis) at the Concert Hall of the Culture Center of Froidement (Rixensart BW Belgium)

21 July 2002

Winner at VIII Kumagusu (Japanese National) Music Competition (Tanabe Wakayama Japan)

22 July 2001
Second Prize (without 1st) at VII Kumagusu (Japanese National) Music Competition (Tanabe Wakayama Japan)


Genres of Violin Performances

Goryo Goryokaku performs violin music for classical (in every existing epoque) and contemporary / modern music. However, various collaborations with different composers, other instrumentalists, bands, singers are also choice for performances and divers artistic realizations ;

As Soloist Violinist ; Goryo Goryokaku has concert performance experiences as soloist violinist with various orchestras in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Japan.

Goryo Goryokaku also gives solo concerts and violin recitals with or without piano accompaniments and those solo performances and the performing skill are suitable for important solo concerts' appearances, world premiere projects, cooperative projects with present composers and other musicians in diverse genre, baroque performance in original methods with real baroque instruments (few but also sure experience), live, studio & TV performance recordings (sure experiences with diverse studios in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, etc.), music video making, radio streaming of own concert recordings, film appearance also as violinist's role, etc.

As chamber player (when required) ; Naoko alias Goryo is also good at duo (with piano, viola, cello, harp, etc.), string trio, piano trio, string quartet, piano quartet, other form of quartet, string quintet, piano quintet, cooperative units for example, quintet with singer, sextet, etc.

As Guest Concertmaster ; mainly for Mass works (still too few but sure experiences)

Original music works and their performing ; actually, Goryo Goryokaku also learns music composition (writing own music works with current skill of violin performing and various music theories) and makes original violin works, cadenzas for major violin concerto repertories and transcriptions of celebrated music for own violin performances (for examples) ;

- Goryo Goryokaku : Cadenza-Capriccio "Paganiniana" after original Cadenza for Violin Concerto No. 5 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Cadenza : Crotone Italy, July 2015 ; World Premiere : Rome Italy, 19 May 2016)

- Goryo Goryokaku : Canzone after original Cadenza for Violin Concerto No. 2 "La Campanella" by Niccolò Paganini (Cadenza : Varallo-Sesia Italy, May 2015 ; World Premiere : Rome Italy, 19 May 2016)

Recently Goryo Goryokaku also begins learning orchestra conducting, singing and folk harp / celtic harp (7 - 27 strings without pedals) and writing artistic reviews. Actually, Goryo Goryokaku successfully completed "Fondamentals of Rehearsing Ensembles" by Dr. Evan Feldman (Coursera, 2015) and debuted also as solo vocalist (included solo violin playing) at Christuskirche of Hamburg (Germany) on 14 September 2013. And Goryo Goryokaku can also work for making own artistic portrait photographies for concert programs and artistic promotions.

Updated:  June 26, 2017

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