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Whether you are planning a formal gala wedding or corporate reception in a Bucharest or other city hotel, the music of the harp is customized for your event.
Harp music is a very popular choice for business people who want to create a relaxing atmosphere for their special clients.
The beautiful sound of the harp has the advantage of not disturbing people’s conversations. The harp can and it will be amplified via a “home system” for the big rooms or lobbies, at no additional cost.
The harp is a sophisticated choice for official openings, wine tasting, festivals, gallery shows, business dinners, weddings (ceremony, reception - cocktail hour and/or dinner), services (church, christening, funeral), private parties (birthday, anniversary, Christmas / holiday, retirement, corporate).
Background music (ambient music) played on solo Concert or Celtic Harp can give a special and elegant touch to every interesting event or wedding ceremony. The music I can play on harp is different; all depends on the type of the event and/or the customer’s choice. 
My repertoire includes background music, classical music, American pop music (Broadway Standards), Latin-American music, Jewish music, Christmas music.
I work with events planners, special event coordinators for hotels, embassies, corporations and other local facilities.

Updated:  January 9, 2012

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