Cesarios / Indoors Spanish Guitarist And Salsa Quartet Resume

      Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Florida, Cesar found his musical roots early in life. Classically trained in piano and accordion as well as his primary instrument, the guitar, he soon developed his own unique style. His uncommonly dexterous picking / finger-style technique is the basis of this theme, expressed in his repertoire of 2800 songs. Combined with his extensive library of accompanying tracks, developed by him, Cesar can hold a lounge enthralled.

Cesar's keen sense of rhythm, knack for composition and love of improvisation led him away from the classical and in the direction of the enticing cadence of Spanish folkloric guitar styles,and the improvisational freedom of Latin Jazz, Waltz, Afro and South American music. His treatment of contemporary hits keeps a room dancing all night, while his more sultry tones add a romantic tone.

His main stage show encompasses the well known, best loved music of the world. A multi-instrumentalist,Cesarios plays the guitar, mandolin, charango, the Greek Bouzukee among others, while his video backdrops take you on a visual and melodic trip.

Cesar has played his stage show and filled the lounges of ships all over the world. He speaks English & Spanish. Cesar is learning some Italian, Tagalog, Greek & Portuguese. Guests of all ages are equally delighted by the exceptionally talented Cesarios!

His INDOORS show title: "Around the World on Strings" A melodious journey of sight and sound, taken on the strings of guitar and other instruments.

Cesar has a Latino band called "Salsarican",They become one of the hottest interactive bands traveling at sea, it's members are all US Citizens.

Attention hiring companies: Salsarican (not a disco band) are an authentic Latin Band 100% From Miami Florida, USA.

What you see in their humble video demos is what they do. The band has have guest entertainer status at all times (This is a deal maker) this means fair access to all amenities such as gym, disco, bars and restaurants, Band members use hats, lots of jewelry , high end clothes at all times, no name tags,their branded signature has a Hollywood look.

Different scenarios and examples of what if's are included in writing, sometimes even including the amount of glasses of water on paper, internet use, accommodations,travel expenses, no meetings.

"A Diversity contract would have to be signed by the hiring company,these contracts include also fast access - Speed dial to our embassy,etc...

As you can see we have been around and we have lots of experience in resorts and cruise ships. If you are okay after reading this fair description of our services feel free to contact us.

Warranties by the artist:

Revenue sales level above and beyond expectations
We bring all our followers to every company & venue we perform at, we are talking hundreds of guests.

We have simple - Non complicated productions to do such as Tributes,Theme nights, and other activities to be just added to your venue (Only if needed)
These activities are only during our work hours (At night that is)
High energy every night on and off stage
5 Star Appearance and etiquette
We live for music

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Updated:  May 6, 2016

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