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My name is Kevin Nevel. Originally from Delavan, Wisconsin I'm now living north of Raleigh in Burlington, NC. I retired from the U.S. Navy after 27 year of service. I'm a Country/Bluegrass songwriter lyricist working with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. My original/fresh, passionate and heartfelt Country songs are about sweet loves found, painful loves lost and eternal love of family growing stronger every day. Home is where my heart is; my heart's on home. Inspiration for my songs comes from humble life's experiences; My sweet Wife's love, Sorrow of a good love gone bad, A child's inner wisdom, Meditation fishing, Grandma's and Grandpa's straight forward "words of wisdom", The blessings of a loving family always there to support me, loneliness felt from family separation during 12 months deployment to Iraq/Afghanistan, gratitude to God for each precious day of life, God's whisper in my ear. Romantic/Dramatic movies.

All of my previous songs were sung, played and recorded by my good friend and gifted musician, Matt Butler from Bloomington, TX. who was offered a Nashville recording contract. All of my songs were recorded using computer music software and acoustic guitar plug in amp we purchased online from Music 123 while in Baghdad, Iraq (Yes, in the middle of the "War Zone" getting our computer jammed by electronic jamming devices from Black Hawk Helicopters in the middle of awesome tracks/recording sessions; but we didn't give up). Matt has since returned home to his family and going to Seminary College to become a pastor. Matt no longer has the time to work with me on my songs with everything he has on his plate; in fact turned down the Nashville recording contract offer to spend more time with his family at home.

I currently have 5 new songs I've recently written (3 songs for a female artist & 2 songs for a male artist) by a professional Nashville demo service I use. Also, I'll be starting songwriting collaboration with a very talented country/folk singer/musician from Ireland working as a member of a successful band in England. He is currently on tour in the U.S. and has agreed to add vocals/compose music with me when he returns to England at the end of Sep 2010.

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You can listen to my songs for free without purchasing the album on my “Goodbye To Goodbye” Album.
My 2 published songs; “Goodbye To Goodbye” & “Riding Iraqi Horses” The website that there on is under "Song Samples". Just click on Kevin Nevel or my picture to see my page.

I don't believe in ego; I'm only interested in creating great heartfelt songs!!!



“Writing great heartfelt songs of truth for the world to hear from high in snow capped mountains; deep in the “War Zone”.

Kevin Nevel
MANTECH Elevated Sensors
Property Management Specialist Lead
Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan
CELL# 0798274330

Updated:  February 13, 2013

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