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The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR Wedge that Main Street Dream Makers LLC produces is now $1199. Engineered from the ground up to integrate features the working musician needs. TELEMONITOR Models starting at $549 SEE OUR WEBSITE for details. Why look for a teleprompter to rent when you can own a Wolfgang TELEMONITOR for just a few dollars more than a one day rental fee. 

The TELEMONITOR is for all the singers, musicians, or bands out there that have been looking for some "lyric assistance" but have not been able to find the right thing no matter how many times they've searched the net. We know many of you may need some sort of device to display lyrics, music or text to improve song performance. Now you have found something that is all inclusive, self-contained, reasonably priced, and easy to operate - The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR, designed by a musician for musicians everywhere. This is the tool that can help you achieve improved performances. To view more information about our products go to The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR website.

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR is a Teleprompter of sorts, specifically designed for the working musician. It is constructed with rugged plywood and solid wood materials to stand up to the harsh world of performing. The TELEMONITOR is powered by strong processor, and the lyrics are displayed on a 22 inch display, all controlled by a rugged foot pedal. It is easy to load, and can be ready to use at your next gig or rehearsal very quickly. And best of all it looks just like the other equipment you will have on stage. It appears like a floor wedge audio monitor, it is virtually stealth sitting up there on stage. It has an exciting new Telescoping Handle and Roller Wheel option, just introduced.

If you need the assistance of something like this, or somebody in your band does, take a minute and learn more about the TELEMONITOR. Or send an email to be_a_star@msdminc.com for more information. You will be glad that you did. 

The TELEMONITOR is built right here in the good old USA. The standard Wolfgang Telemonitor has a factory direct price of $1199 (plus shipping and applicable taxes).FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL MODELS IN CONTINENTAL US. It will satisfy your needs right out of the box. We also have other products starting at $549 (factory direct). To learn more about these products visit www.wolfgangtelemonitor.com. All models are now available to bands everywhere. Give us a call to order one today. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal.

Main Street Dream Makers LLC | Overland Park, KS 66223 | 1-800-841-9960 Toll Free or (913) 239-9299 | be_a_star@msdminc.com | www.wolfgangtelemonitor.com

Updated:  October 14, 2011

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