Gordon Wolfgang Resume

      Main Street Dream Makers LLC is a company that provides products to musicians and performers to improve their Live Performances; as well as services to them through our recording studio division to capture their creative ruminations for commercial distribution.

To help with Live Performances we have developed a Teleprompter for working musicians and are producing them and selling them globally. We call it the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR - check it out on our www.wolfgangtelemonitor.com website.

The Main Street Dream Makers LLC Recording Studio was founded with these simple principles: To bring the music industry to a broader base of participants; do it for the best value on the planet; and provide a complete array of services. We do it by providing you with unparalleled concierge services relating to all aspects of the music production process. Primarily to Baby Boomers looking for another spin in a studio or to check something off their bucket list by recording for the first time. Visit www.msdminc.com for more information. Main Street Dream Makers LLC represents a new direction for music recording studios in America and our location is right here in Overland Park, Kansas.

We offer a complete array of services that bands and musicians demand. From Songwriting to Recording, from Packaging Design to Distribution and everything in between.

Main Street Dream Makers LLC is THE destination that caters to ALL YOU BABY BOOMER'S looking to cross something off your BUCKET LIST. We are the place for all your audio recording needs.

We work primarily with Classic Rock performers looking to have their first or last turn in a recording studio.

Call us at 1-800-841-9960 or +1 913-239-9299 to arrange a tour or schedule a planning meeting for your masterpiece or find out more about the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR.

Updated:  October 14, 2011

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