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Born - May 29th, 1947, Saint Louis, Missouri

Education - Missouri, Saint Louis County, Public School System (some Higher Education -
Webster University, English Composition, 1991)

Race - Caucasian.

Age at writing this = 63

Place of Residence = Arnold, Missouri

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“I have always seemed to have an interest in Photography. Beginning at age 15 I started
to take Photography in a serious “study”. By age 17 I bought my first 35mm camera, a used
Argus C-3 “The Brick” (I still have it - and make use of it too). Winning my first Photographic
Award “The Scholastic Art Award” for Landscape Photography (First in Missouri State and
Third in National) I had the “notion” that I could do Photography for a living... (That came
much later)...

After a lifelong (about 40 years) of being an Electrician, I retired to be more devoted to
“my passion” - Photography and the Art of ‘Painting with Light'....

I still read anything and everything about the subject of Photography. Making the transition to
“Digital” was not difficult at all, as being “grounded in a solid foundation in ‘chemical'
photography, digital photography came as a second nature - as many of the fundamentals are the
same. (It is LIGHT and that is the constant.)

What I plan to do is very simple----

To make public my Photographic Abilities in many different aspects of the Photographic

Thank You....

James R. Kyle

Updated:  September 25, 2010

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