David Paskowitz Resume

      David Paskowitz is the eldest son of the enigmatic Paskowitz Family of Surfing. His story is artistically told in the documentary SURFWISE by legendary director Doug Pray. Polsky Films along with Sean Penn are currently in production of a feature film about father Doc Paskowitz and Family. At the age of 23 David left home and his profession as Surf Instructor to pursue the vocation and talent inherited from his mother Juliette, a highly regarded operatic singer. After ten years pounding the pavement in New York City, he returned to California where in only four days became the lead singer of Johnny Monster and the Nightmares, one of Southern California's most historic Surf Punk bands. He later took the funk band Goldfish to minor stardom with his brand of all-out vocals and stage antics. At one point every member of Goldfish was from the original bands that wrote the songs they were playing such as Parliament, Gap Band, Rose Royce, The Time, Cameo, Dazz Band, and Chaka Kahn just to name a few. Today David performs in bands of every genre from Jazz to Metal as well as a being a successful DJ Producer. Currently he producing several bands for private parties and corporate events.

Updated:  September 28, 2010

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