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A new website will be up very soon, it will be (Social Network Of Talent Undiscovered). If you have ever had a door slammed in your face and someone telling we are looking for a special someone but it's not you, I know how you felt. Snotu dot com is new and will say yes to all. This is truly a unique opportunity.

This website will promote singers, dancers, songwriters, artists, clothing designers, models, authors, animators, sports, entrepreneurs, charities and a lot more. If you can help in any way it would be appreciated and rewarded. If you know of a business attorney let me know.

Like Facebook brings together friends and family, snotu will bring together talented people, for example, like Arnel Pineda and Journey. Let's say there is a Filipino band missing a singer, a songwriter, a guitarist, a drummer, a producer, etc and there happens to be one available in Indonesia. The Filipino band signs up on snotu and so does the person in Indonesia and once they find each other, music fans all over the world can download their music. Now let's say the person from Indonesia was also a model, this would be promoted too, and maybe a company in Germany will hire them for a commercial. So maybe you have always wanted to write a book, now you can and you don't need to impress a publisher.

Another cool feature of this website will be the community or social network aspect. Here is what I mean:

Let's say you are singer but can not read, write, play, or produce music. This website will bring together singers, songwriters, musicians, directors, and producers. Now consider these people coming from different backgrounds, for example: A group could be developed with a singer from India, a songwriter from Jamaica, a lead guitarist from Africa, another guitarist from The Philippines, a pianist from Mexico, a music producer from Portugal, a video director from the US, choreographer from Germany, a rapsinger from Poland, and a horn player from the UK. Imagine the music from such a group of people. Just think of all the new types of music that would come from this. Now apply this same thought of bringing together talent worldwide into other industries. There would be great stories created, movies and TV shows that would be new and unique, clothing and fashion, jewelry, sports, entrepreneurs, businesses, medical technologies, IT, electronic technologies, computers, and a whole lot more. Now image all of the researchers around the world coming together to cure some of the most challenging medical issues, economic issues, environmental issues, political concerns, etc. and much more, the possibilities are endless.

Updated:  October 22, 2010

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