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primeVibe Seasons  Musical Instruments

Seasoning improvements include Improved tone, Improved clarity, Longer note sustain, Improved harmonic performance, Improved micro and macro dynamic performance,  Increased revealing of nuance, for instance an increased ability to convey differences in technique by the musician, Increased “sound intensity” defined as sound power per unit area, also described as larger sound-field, larger radiation pattern,Improved, tighter focus and delineation, for example better definition of individual strings when strumming a chord; also detected as smoother, more balanced integration.

Play-in normally occurs by playing the instrument. primeVibe™ functions by applying direct musical vibration to the instrument’s top via special transducers. The patented NXT transducers pump music into a solid vs. the normal speaker function of moving air particles.  Holding the “exciters” in the air produces almost no sound.  Replace the exciters on the instrument and the sound reappears.

Mechanical devices are “primed” for optimum performance; “prime” is also synonymous with “first” and “primary,” hence the trademark name primeVibe™.

Updated:  December 12, 2010

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