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       What makes primeVibe different than other similar businesses?

Owner, James Romeyn, has spent over twenty years selling audiophile gear at the lowest possible prices. Now he is providing a high quality seasoning device at the lowest possible price, $99.00! Dealers are welcome.

How did primeVibe come about?

James Romeyn bought a guitar( "The Grand" ) from a local, highly talented luthier, Ryan Thorell.

James wanted to season his guitar and couldn't find a device that would play-in his instrument. So he designed primeVibe with help from speaker engineers at NXT. It's a labor of love, love of music and great sound.

primeVibe has employed the earnest help of NXT experts in California, Hong Kong, and England. All engineers, product designers, manufacturers have made the best possible product. One that is user friendly, efficient, and safe.

You may read about our primeVibe at

You may order with confidence from our website or contact one of our dealers. (Wanting to treat others as we would like to be treated-we will keep all mailing information to ourselves and we will promptly send your kit either the day we receive the order or the day after.)

We welcome comments and questions. Please feel free to call 435 213 3953. 7:00 AM to 9PM MST

You may view a video at:


All the best to you and yours this Holiday Season and have a Happy New Year!

Updated:  December 12, 2010

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