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Visibility Creates Opportunity


Enhancing your profile and maximizing your presence is crucial in the increasingly competitive world of music and the arts – I CAN HELP:  a news item;  a significant award; a prestigious appointment; a CD or product release; a noteworthy collaboration; an important debut - make sure those who should be in the know, in your industry and in the press, are in the loop – IT ALWAYS PAYS OFF!

I provide publicity services to artists and art organizations worldwide.  These services range from content production (websites, media kits, reviews, solicitation/pitch collateral, etc) to consultation, press release production and complete strategized media campaigns and distribution. I have the experience, resources and connections to help you gain exposure and get your message out.



Please note that I do not charge for the first hour of consultation.  Complete rate sheet available upon request.


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Updated:  November 17, 2010

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