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a Wide Variety of Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Trumpet, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone, Harmonicas and Many More At Below-Wholesale Prices

Violin Student Antique Model, $99.00, hand-made, handcraft, hand painting violin at $99.00. It was made of over 5 years wood, The Front in Spruce, Back in Flame maple, Scroll in Maple Fingerboard in Pear wood and other Accessories in Jujube wood.

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Violins in Metallic Black Purple Blue Pink Varnish Finish

The violin comes fully adjusted with the following: ebony pegs, end button, fingerboard, nut and saddle; inlaid purfling; hand-carved aged maple back, sides, and neck; hand-carved aged spruce top; French bridge; tailpiece with built-in tuners; chinrest; chrome steel strings, and the body of violins are made of wood, and wood is affected by the environment. Because of this it is important to examine the body of any violin (new or used) to make sure that there are no cracks in the top or back. Like most musical instruments, the violin requires maintenance occasionally.

Sound is produced when the player creates a vibration when the string is rubbed by a bow, plucked, or struck. This vibrates the wooden instrument, causing the air inside to vibrate also and act as a resonator. The notes are created by the player changing the length of the string that is vibrating. This is accomplished by the player pressing a single string or multiple strings against the bridge in different places.

Violin Student Antique Model, $99.00, hand-made, handcraft, hand painting violin
Violin Student Antique Model, $99.00,, wholesaler, free shipping

Playing the violin can be a lot of fun! There are many styles of music, and a great variety of opportunities for musical performances are available. Playing in the school orchestra is just a beginning in the wonderful world of strings. Keep your instrument in good adjustment so that it will respond to your touch, then explore, experiment, experience the excitement of making beautiful music!

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Updated:  December 8, 2010

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