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      One of the best-known professional organizations in the musical and corporate events fields, having over 18 years of experience nationally and abroad, brought that plus of professionalism that was needed in the show-biz and event-planning field in Romania.

In a time when Romania was going through a continuous series of economical and political transformations, creating the organization came out of a real need to support young Romanian musicians.

After 18 years, thanks to the passion of those who contributed to the organization's development, the name is synonymous with the musical excellence. Today, it is a well-known thing that & Jeunesses represents the most valuable young musicians in Romania.

With each event, we set out to push further our limits and to reach the public's and musicians' expectations. In Romania there is a growing appetite for quality music and for things made out of passion, to put it in a single word – for “authentic”. And we try to choose for this public the most promising names at the moment, from the country as well as from abroad.

Our ultimate challenges are those to shape the future of the now generations of musicians and with it, the mentality of a Romanian public that begins to open to new.

Among the best known music events organized by jmEvents are:

- EUROPAfest - jazz, blues, pop & classic. One of the most important Festivals in Europe, reuniting jazz, blues, pop&classic in a singular set of events, concerts performed by musicians from all around the world, both in traditional and unconventional concert venues.

- Bucharest International Jazz Competition - 100% jazz & more. A singular event in the professional Romanian jazz field that successfully started in 2007 - 30 bands from 25 countries, each year promising the best atmosphere – 100 % jazz & more.

- Jeunesses International Violin Competition. With a tradition of 19 years, Jeunesses International Music Competition is one of jmEvents successful programs. It discovers and promotes young talents, combining competition with master-class and classical music concerts for worldwide fans. The competition takes place annually since 1994 for different disciplines:
- violin competition
- flute competition
- clarinet competition
- piano competition
- composition competition

- Caffe Festival. … talking over a glass of beer or wine, laughing, relaxing while you listen to jazz, blues and pop sounds… Caffe Festival takes you on the true European “savoir vivre” and invites you to rediscover the European springtime.

- PROMS - jazz&classic. Presents a new music concept, a melange between jazz and classic artists who perform together musical pieces especially created for them, a fusion jazz-classic, approaching well known themes from the international jazz, pop, blues, classic and screen music repertoire.

Updated:  September 9, 2011

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