Mathew Williams Resume

      My name is mathews Williams I was born in oklahoma. Iv always had a pashen for music when I was little I lived in Oklahoma city but grew up in a country style of life. My rell dad is out of my life and has been for 13 years. I got in to music when I was 11 I started playing drums in 6 grade. I soon found that I could sing. Eventually I had famaly problems and thangs started happaning then I moved to Norman still wanted to sing but dident get anuther chance so I got in to football and became a qb my softmore yearthen I fell back for music my juniors year but still played football. Made some of my best friends in norman. But eventually my mom got a devorce with my step dad who never relly was a dad to me and it took a turn for the wors my grads droped and I dident care about nuthin. Then about a year ago I moved out to my ants in mcloude Oklahoma and I conceder mcloude my home I love it hear and right know I'm trying to get back into proforming country music. Over the next to years I will move to Nashville and work harder than ever to follow my dream and won't stop for nuthing and i got a girl on back that is pushing me and I love her to death . I will get there.

Updated:  October 24, 2011

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