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Amongst the world's most successful entertainment agencies, yet not your average booking agency, PU Entertainment is your one stop source for booking the biggest names in music, and entertainment.

Whether you are a promoter, corporate entertainment booking agent, college event coordinator, or someone interested in booking entertainment for your first event, the music agents at PU Entertainment are here to assist you.

Booking music since 1999, the entertainment agents at PU Entertainment have been organizing successful events large and small for both individuals and companies worldwide.

From private corporate events to festivals and large-scale concert promotions in arenas and attended by thousands, PU Entertainment provides an unparalleled concert booking service to their clients unlike most


PU Entertainment has helped concert promoters and entrepreneurs book some of the world's best talent in major cities all over the world.


Japan, Mexico City, Mumbai, India, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Shanghai, China, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Manila, Philippines, Cairo, Egypt, Beirut, Paris, France, Moscow, Russia, London, UK, England, Lima, Peru, Tehran, Frankfurt, Germany, Toronto, Canada, Milan, Italy, Madrid, Spain, Sydney, Australia, Amsterdam, Athens, Greece, Cape Town, South Africa, Rome, Odessa, Ukraine, Dublin, Ireland,Tokyo ,and More


A music booking agency buying millions of dollars in talent annually, the savings which are a result of PU Entertainment's tremendous buying power are passed directly to our entertainment agency clients.

Updated:  November 3, 2011

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