Joshua Harison Resume

      Well I was born in Mebane NC In Alamance County on Nov,13 1996 but currently located in Greensboro NC. My whole life I been waiting for a gret musical oppertunity to strike but I have not got one sofar but I practise daily waiting for some one to look for me but intil then I do the basic and go to school and looking for jobs.My goals and accomplishments are Academic Improvement and going to school on the weekends for Exstra work and to get my grades up because im going to haft to fall back on something in life incase I dont get this musician oppertunity which I hope I deffenately do but If not I'm going to have alot of other successes I want to do bu this is my favorite of all the other things in mind.My skills are English,Scial studies,Science,and Writing.My interest are Skateboarding,Drawing, Music/Song writing,and Tattoos and Peircings.On my daily basis I like to spend time with my familly and friends skateboard,draw,and practise my vocals also like to spend some time on the computer.My refrences are Tom Haliburton,Mr.Goodwin,Cory kirk,and Aaron Halliburton.My genre and style of music is Rock,Pop,and Heavy metal.

Updated:  November 26, 2011

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