Scott Ouellette Resume


Scott Ouellette first picked up the guitar at the age of five. As a self-taught guitarist, he was fascinated by the sounds of classical and jazz guitar music. He spent hours learning concert level compositions by ear, and taught himself how to read music during the process. By his early to mid teens Scott was sitting in with groups of various genres, performing hundreds of shows professionally in clubs and restaurants, gaining valuable experience as a performer.

Before leaving high school, Scott had already graced the stage of the Palladium in New York City, was chosen to perform on New Hampshire’s cable access community music variety show, and earned the prestigious “Louis Armstrong Jazz Award”. Soon after graduating high school, Scott was accepted to Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. At Berklee, Scott focused primarily on guitar, while expanding his knowledge of music theory. Also, in 2007, Scott completed his first CD titled “Straight Ahead”, a ten song disc of original solo guitar compositions, demonstrating his role as a composer.

Scott currently works as a transcriptionist for guitarists on Youtube, and performs solo guitar music for restaurants, weddings, and private engagements in and around the Boston area. Scott resides in the North Shore as a guitar teacher and professional musician.

Updated:  December 26, 2011

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