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Here at PWM we love to get creative. Whether it be music -   Hate - Evil Android by psychwardmedia 

gaming - here I just got bored and made a demo for gaming companies - I believe it all came out of me saying "hey, those synths sound like a sci fi space alarm  Space alert by psychwardmedia 

or whether it be in spoken word 
 2 Lives End by psychwardmedia 

we love all kinds of work and music, from hip hop -   So ignorant - Remastered by psychwardmedia 
to country. 

What we try to foster is an environment of openness and creativity. You'll know as soon as you step through the doors to see the records on the wall and the xbox in the corner. A recording session at Psych Ward Media is more than just business as usual, it's a creative meeting of the minds. With Executive Producer Colby Stratton at your disposal, you will have someone who is more than just an engineer. Colby, a hand percussionist and amature Didgeridoo player knows how musicians think and can help you work through your musical obstacles. As a previous IT technician, gear breakdowns are no problem. He even has his Ham radio operators license so he understands radio too, from the musical side, the technical side, and the rules and regulations. 

As you enter the building you'll see the large, and expansive practice room. It's an untreated room with a devil of a sound, but if you want a place to chill or practice it's the place for you, with chairs, couches, and video games the drummer will be occupied while we work our magic with the vocalist. The Next room is our treated studio and mix room. Not large, but a good sounding room nonetheless, it's great for bands, podcasts, singer/songwriters, and acoustic acts. 

Don't have a drummer to play the x box while your vocalist sings her heart out? We have the newest edition of battery, and about 4 other drum softwares, plus thousands of sample loops to fill in until you can find someone to fill that spot. 

Like playing covers? We would like to see all of our artists achieve original albums of their own but if that's your thing, for a small fee we can license cover songs for you and record them to an album of your own. Legal, legit, and ready for your fans.

Something we didn't cover? Call us or email us. You'll be glad you did.

Updated:  January 4, 2012

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