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Need a Female Vocalist

I am in need of a female vocalist to sing song parody songs for me. I am
willing to pay $35 (US) per recorded song (maybe more depending on
complexity of song). What I need from the vocalist:

 - You must have the the means to record the track yourself (i.e.
Microphone and computer - must be a good, clean recording)

 - You must be able to email the track in MP3 format, and it must be in
acapella format. I will send you the original track/instrumental version
to sing along to, but I do need the track recorded as a clean acapella.

 - You must have a paypal account. Payment will be made upon deliver of
track, at least until I feel I can trust the individual.

 - You must have a sense of humor and not be shy. These parodies are
rude a crude!

 - You may use the tracks yourself to promote your talent or at
clubs/karaoke - but please acknowledge that I am the writer of the
lyrics if you do so.

Finally, this will be an on going project, as I am always writing new
material for my show. You will also receive credit on my website and I
will be happy to post links to any website you might have. If
interested, please email me. 

You can check out my YouTube page for examples of the parodies I

Updated:  February 5, 2012

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