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Here’s how it works.

Artists create profiles – upload photos, videos, short bios about themselves and their music and most importantly, samples of their songs. Fans create profiles too, and their job is to vote on the best artists for our weekly competition. So if you’re an artist, you’ll want to impress our fans and recruit your “real-life” fans to the site to vote for your songs.

So check out some of our current profiles.

If you like what you hear, click below the artist’s name to give them their star rating – ten stars being the best. Voting starts and ends every Monday at 12am CST. We’ll tally the number of stars for each artist, and the top vote-getter becomes our Featured Artist of the Week! Our Featured Artist is promoted on the front page of the website and gets a pass to our final competition to be held in December 2009 – the chance to become the Featured Artist of the Year…or, to put it another way, our Rising Superstar! The best way to get your favorite artist to the top? Vote every day and make yourself heard!

Our competition spans 11 months.

So if you do the math, that’s 48 weekly winners. Once a performer wins our Featured Artist title, they are fast-tracked to the finals, to be held in December 2008. Then, we wipe the slate clean, and the voting begins again. We reduce our finalists to 24, then 12, then our final six. The top six receive great prizes, and our overall winner receives, well, let’s just say it’s an amazing prize – the opportunity of a lifetime! Check back often for prize clues and announcements.

The prizes don’t end there.

Even after an artist is chosen for our weekly title, they can still win more recognition. At the end of our year, we’ll choose a total stars leader – the artist who received the highest number of stars every week. And their prize will be equally great. So it pays to keep coming back, even if your favorite artist wins the Featured Artist title early on.

Updated:  March 20, 2009

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