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I am a singer in a Trio.  Check out our description below:


Tres Leches creates world-infused folk music with exquisite harmonies and accompaniment. This Brooklyn-based trio was formed in the Spring of 2007 with songs that organically emerged from the musical merry-making of three mamas and their babes! Havalah Collins, Jessie White, and Renée Skuba were already professional singers and so as new mothers it was only natural for them to begin creating music for children. It was soon discovered that the songs were compelling not only to the young ones but to people of all ages! The trio's soothing and sublime voices combine beautifully to create a harmonic synergy that draws in any listener, big or small. Tres Leches is excited to be part of the new movement of artists who are transcending any categorization by creating dynamic collections of work that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Their debut album "Tres Leches: Songs, Chants and Lullabies for All Our Relations" consists of originals, re-envisioned traditional songs, and sacred chants that span the globe, and was released May 2009.

Updated:  May 14, 2009

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