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Debbie Stevens is a published author/freelance writer- Her list of publications include magazine articles & her own collection of books. Today, Debbie has expanded across the internet with this Website & various Blogs. Deliberately Debbie was designed for those who love to read & write-It provides the reader with many useful tools & resources. Debbie's message on Ovarian Cancer AWARENESS continues for women, everywhere.


Awareness Campaign Seeks More Supporters For Ovarian Cancer

Supporters Making Beautiful Music For Awareness


The Feel Teal Club was especially designed for the general public & Artists of every industry.

Worldwide, the colour TEAL was chosen to represent Ovarian cancer, though sadly, it is still yet to be widely recognised.

Globally we know to "Think Pink" for Breast cancer and there's a constant source of funding flowing as a result.

Our Youtube Channel was designed to share videos which raise awareness to Ovarian cancer, while supporting musicians/artists from around the globe-

Only a few months into the new venture, the Feel Teal Club welcomes its latest members. including US Rock band, Electric Sandbox; Aussie Rock/Pop star, Anthony Snape; Comedian/Writer, Shelly Ryan; who adds her "gift of laughter" and a very personal tribute to the late, Gilda Radner; International music-zine/editor, Tracy Lewis; and Australian poet/lyricist Lance Toohey & his crew from Ion's Odyssey.

For general inquiries, please send your emails to

If interested in becoming a club member, kindly address your mail to Debbie Stevens in the subject line.

Updated:  April 16, 2010

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