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      Undercaste Studios is dedicated to the art of recording, mixing and mastering Pop, Hip Hop and R&B. The studio slogan "Where Musicians Record Musicians" can define the role of the Undercaste producers who believe an engineer should participate in and understand music to truly achieve the best sound. Recording commercial quality vocals are not as simple as it sounds and relies heavily on many different factors. Half of these factors may be technical and the other half might need the skill or creativity of an educated coach. While some musicians are experienced in the studio most need the guidance of a fellow musician who has the knowledge of studio etiquette. Undercaste Studios provides this along with the high end equipment of today. The studio is based around a huge Pro Tools system that caters to the most complex tracking and mixing sessions. With high quality microphones/preamps and unrivaled effects processing power, an artist won't be limited. While nice equipment can make a recording studio look nice, the professional sound of Undercaste Studios comes from the knowledge to use it flawlessly. The mixdown process is equally important to the recording/tracking process and is well respected. Many local and national artists have come specifically for the mixdown that producer/engineer Isaac Meek provides. Along with mixing, Undercaste Studios provides mastering to complete the one-stop-shop studio experience.

Undercaste Studios
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Updated:  June 1, 2010

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