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Welcome to the Cirkus...

Only three months into the building of Cirkus the band releases their first EP/demo Let the Madness Begin. It sells on iTunes and other digital online stores without any advertisement. The band plays in front of 5 000 people at that years last of April outdoor festival in Uppsala.

The second EP/Demo to the bands assault is entitled
Shut Up N' Suck. With the release of this EP brings Cirkus to the US on their first tour in SoCal. Receiving rave reviews and critical acclaim from Europe to Southern California. Cirkus live performances win over even the biggest sceptics. They became the first band to ever be broadcast live on YouTube via the 420 Channel.

The band recorded their third EP, 3-tracks promo named
Metal Head. After having received great responds from the American public Cirkus embarks on their second and harder tour covering more ground and playing new venues in some new areas.

After releasing three successful EP's for three years straight, Cirkus finished their full on frontal assault debut album titled
Let the Madness Begin together with musical genius Chris Tsangarides, a Grammy nominated producer and mixing engineer for bands such as Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Bruce Dickinson and Yngwie Malmsteen. Let the Madness Begin was released in the US in November 2008 and in the rest of the world in March 2009. The songs, the sound and the quality of the album speak for itself. The album got some great reviews so far as well as air play all over the world.

Cirkus embarks on their third American tour which sees the band cover more ground playing close to 20 shows in five states within 40 days and travelling 12 000 miles (19 000 km). Cirkus plays live on one of Americas biggest morning shows, FOX 5 San Diego, in front of 1.5 million people and get great responds that headlines their own show.

After only 4 years and straight off their debut album
Let the Madness Begin and their longest tour in the states to date, Cirkus comes back reinventing themselves.

Cirkus now turn the page…

They release their new album set for 2011

Updated:  March 16, 2011

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