Da Vocal Expo Resume

      Da Vocal Expo Zure is for those who are tired of popularity contests, idoling lines, talent category limitations, 1 winner contests and Exploitive Contracts.

We will be selecting ten (10) winners, from ten (10) different genres of vocal music with each of them receiving a $25,000.00 Grand Prize.

Da Vocal Expo Zure has made it as simple as these Three Steps.

Step 1 - send 3 different links of your performances to
www.youtube.com/DaVocalExpoZure to participate.

Step 2 - If chosen, you will be sent a link to our Primary Website for registration, rules, and regulations of our live Preliminary Events.

Step 3 - If chosen, you will perform live at our Televised Grand Finale with a chance to be recognized for a Recording Contract or to become an Independent Artist and the opportunity to win $25,000.00 while performing live on the same stage with a professional artist at our Televised Grand Finale Concert.

Yes you can manage your career as an Independent Artist having
Da Vocal Expo Zure working with you.

An additional 25 finalist from each 10 genres will have access to Da Vocal Expo Zure services.

Here are some of the services Da Vocal Expo Zure specializes in that are available to further your career and expand your potential for success.

•Distribution of your music through multiple media platforms.

•Professionally Produced Music Videos using the most advanced animation technology.

•Your Personal Website created with realistic graphics aimed at enhancing your image to showcase your music more effectively.

•Customized Online Marketing conceived and executed by a professional team.

•Talent Development with a specific focus on assessing your individual strengths in order to maximize your possibilities of success.

•Professional Studio Recording sessions.

•Prioritized Custom Entertainment Law Services.

•42 State Grand Tour Route.

•Strategic Accounting System that has been Orchestrated to minimize expenditures and optimize financial gains for substaining a financially rewarding career.

Da Vocal Expo Zure' Inc is a multi-cultural one-of-a-kind Vocal Exposé that goes above and beyond in our approach to Discover, Exhibit and help Sustain, vocal artists with exceptional talent.

It doesn't matter where you shine; it's how you shine that defines you.

Updated:  June 21, 2010

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