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OBJECTIVE Leverage of my extensive knowledge and experience and exercise an innovative, solid and fresh approach to all aspects of management, marketing, sales and warehouse.

02/2008 –Present
101Distribtuion (Phoenix, AZ)
Director of Business Development
• Responsible for acquisition of A, B & C talent.
• Business Development.

02/2008 –Present
Independent Consultant
Hiox Capital-Crush Recording; Vice President Acquisitions, Sales & Marketing (Scottsdale, AZ )Face2Face; Director - Operations (Atlanta, GA) Traxx Records (Chicago, IL) Indie Extreme Label Acquisition (Nashville, TN) RemixGalaxy.com Director, Label Acquisition (Chicago, IL)
• Responsible for acquisition of talent.
• New Media-Digital Media Sales.
• Gathering market and customer information.
• Website development and awareness.
• Distribution specialist.
• Responsible for development and marketing globally.
• Use of extensive relationships with CEO's of major and independent labels.
• Maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers via meetings, telephone calls and emails.
• Representing the organization at trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations.
• Determine and formulate policies, business strategies, and future buying trends.
• Secure publishing deals.
• Secure a “one-stop” distribution deal (digital & physical).
• Maintained significant and consistent senior level client contact.
• Obtain key vendor numbers.

03/1996 – 01/2009
Interscope / Geffen Records (Santa Monica, CA)
A&R Consultant
• Responsible for talent acquisition.

1988 - 2008
Galgano Records, Inc. (Galgano Music: Kenosha, WI /Chicago, IL)
Vice President – General Manager
• Responsible for business development and marketing effort nationally.
• Relationship development of major and independent record labels.
• A&R
• Maintained Amazon & EBay accounts
• Assisted in the creation and delivery of marketing presentations.
• Assisted in the general management of the distribution company.
• Oversaw all aspects of inventory management including purchasing and returns.
• Responsible for web site development and marketing effort:
• Developed extensive relationships with industry professionals, CEO's and CFO's.
• Developed and executed an artist merchandise consignment program.
• Maintained significant and consistent senior level client contact.
• Promotion and visibility for participating artists through available programs.

1995 - 2006
Music Outlet / Loop Records (Chicago, IL)
General Retail Manager
• General Manager of 14 chain retail store.
• Hired, fired and directed professionals.
• Primary accounting function responsibility.
• Directly assisted in the general sale of entire chain.
• All aspects of inventory management.
• Creating/executing purchase orders from major, one–stop and independent distribution companies.
• Creating return authorizations for major and independent distribution companies.

OTHER Accepted member of the GRAMMY's Association for Music Industry Professionals (2010).
AYSO soccer coach (2004-2007).
Mentor for Illinois Mentor Program (2001-2002).
Avid water sport, roller and ice hockey skater and cook.
Participation in elementary education (2004-2007).

REFERENCES Available upon request

Updated:  July 7, 2010

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