Gil Tower Resume

      Guapacha Productions is in charge of managing, producing, composing, arranging, promoting, booking, and putting together small music ensembles and solo musicians to perform in venues, private events, festivals, and recording studios. We also offer creative designs for CD’s and/or flyers, photography, video and editing, putting together band EPK’s, designing artists’ web sites, and maintaining the different groups’ social websites.

For many years I worked with public and private music school, agencies, jazz band, Latin bands, and recording studios in Los Angeles. I found the many of my costumers love my music and my performances. They always asking me “we are you going to perform next week or where are you plan to play next” So, I though that is appropriate to create a webpage that can inform all of them about me. So here is the Webpage of Gil Tower/Gilberto Torres. I hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to tell me what you think about this home page and give me your feedback. Thank you.


Updated:  April 11, 2013

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