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      WMCAC MUSIC International is an international performing and creative arts company using the performing and creative arts with a clear mandate to reposition creative individuals by pioneering the arts in the nations of the earth.

WMCAC MUSIC International is a music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fear remunerations for authors, composers,performing artist, and musicians for their performance rights. WMCAC MUSIC licenses recorded music and sheet music for public performance, broadcast and media

What is the object of copyright protection?

Copyright protects literary and artistic works by offering a range of exclusive and non-excusive rights to their authors. To be protected, a work has to be more than a mere idea. The distinction between protected works and ideas lies at the very heart of copyright law. The protection of a given work applies to the expressions of ideas that are contained therein. Accordingly, in order for copyright in a work to be infringed or violated, one has to copy the form in which the ideas are expressed.

Trevor Edwards
WMCAC MUSIC Publishing (ascap)

Updated:  October 25, 2014

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