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Thomas LeBlanc of Freedom Studio, 11 years experience videographer with skills in the art of capturing the Ultimate Rock Show. Video Production, Audio, Editing, and DVD
At Musician Friendly Prices!!!

I own all of my equipment which includes:
4 HD Cameras
1 SD Camera
Assorted Microphones and clip on lapel microphones
2 wireless microphones
Digital Home Recording Studio Room
Portable Audio Mixer and recording system and mobile recording system
12 foot jib crane
Assorted Tri-pods
3 digital video/audio work stations
Portable Laptop for Video and Audio Editing
2 external camera firestore hard drives
Fluent in Photoshop
Video Editing Knowledge in Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas and many other applications that are the tools of my trade.
I have been editing video and audio since 2000 and have extensive real world experience up to the present time.
I also am knowledgeable in DVD Authoring

Quality Video and Audio Mix you can trust! We will also film on Location, and travel is negotiable! You can contact us at            818-269-7070      !! 

Updated:  January 4, 2012

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