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Re: Give us an answer to this question on August 31, 2011 @ 5:18 pm
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Greetings Dane,

I really don't think you should compare yourself to musicians from any country. I wouldn't even consider competing with them.

From what I know your country has a very rich history and culture-certainly it's very imppressive and has lots of value!

As far as the music game is concerned, you have a much better chance at getting attention by developing your own "sound"-a Macedonian sound. The technology is out there. IE: -tradtional Macedonian music infused with technology brought to the 21st century. Now that's exciting and new!

Carve your own path-you're an artist and yes you need to survive, take the time -study marketing and take advantage of the state of transition the music industry is in and be proud of what you have to offer and share it! "Life is a game of skill, not a game of chance"-Keith Olsen, top record producer.

All the best,

Harry Schnur

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I am a musician from Macedonia.
Do you think musicians from Macedonia have less value and have less quality than othermusicians such as: the British, Americans and others.
You need to give us a chance to know a little more about musicians from Macedonia.


Unfortunately you did not understand me, I know my national musical valueand agrees with a lot of time and I am glad that you know about our cultural and musical treasures here in Macedonia.
I thought the music and musicians who work as professionals in theinternational ships and hotels.
Need to give us a chance to show that we know and Macedonians, andhow well the show bisnis.