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HI ALL. I am very excited about being in this forum. This may be exactly what I need to get and keep myself motivated. I am guitar player, playing for 40+ years. I learned all types of playing: Pop through Classical. I played in rock bands, wedding bands, club bands, and even played classical at Church. I enjoy classical a lot but especially like performing in general. Being too old to perform late anymore (I got tired of coming home at 3am), I thought it would be a good idea to set myself up as a one-man band, where I could play at local church events or do short sets at a local tavern or at a coffee shop. So I purchased an arranger keyboard, bought some Midi songs, and started playing along with the songs: Neil Diamond; Beatles; Jimmy Buffet; America, etc. I purchased some software: Sonar and Audacity, and started re-arranging and recording songs onto a flash drive. Then I can play the songs back and add guitar and vocals.

Here's my question: How do I learn what type of songs to learn for this adventure? I dont have the time like I used too, to experiment. How do I find choose songs. I used to be good at choosing songs for sets, reading the people, etc.

Also, has anyone tried to do strickly artist songs: i.e. Beatles only. I am thinking about this a bit.

Looking forward to be a contributing member of this organization.

Thanks John

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