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need help with Equipment for LIVE stage Setup challenge on March 21, 2014 @ 8:17 pmReport this post as inappropriate#1
by Fahim Rahman  
hello guys, i am fahim and i work at a restaurant in Bangladesh, used to play few guitar chords as a hobby but now doing job.

anyways i was recently given a challenge by our manager to setup a live performance stage with equipment with a really small budget.

i am not a professional so i actually dont know anything about setting up a live performance stage, and music shops at here just forces me to buy their equipment for a really high price..

i would really appreciate if anyone helps me figure it out.

here is the main thing-

the place is around 8 meter wide and 16.5 meter long, half open sky and half is semi-covered.

i need to set everything up for $1500, so i have a budget of $1200 for equipment's

as far as i am concern i will need the followings-
2-4 Mic with stand,
Sound system
and offcourse wires.

Most of the time their will be solo acoustic performer who will sing and play at the same time, and their will be band performance once in a week or so..

i actually dont know what equipments i will be needing..

so i request you guys to help me out with this,
thanks in advance...

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Re: need help with Equipment for LIVE stage... on April 9, 2014 @ 5:39 amReport this post as inappropriate#2
by Ron Swanson  
Hi Fahim,

If musical instruments and their own amplifiers are already taken care of then the PA system is the most important aspect of your live setup. If possible, Shure SM58's or Shure BETA mics are always a good investment. Mackie mixers and powered loudspeakers are also very reliable and nearly always sound great regardless of circumstances. Neither of these company's products are too expensive and are definitely well worth the investment in the long term for quality, sound and reliability.

If stage volume is kept reasonably low, it may not be necessary to invest in floor monitors to hear yourself.

It isn't much of a music equipment budget to really work with if you require quality gear though. It's wise to keep in mind to always get the best equipment you can afford for the moment, simply because quality gear performs better, lasts longer, less risk of defects, usually comes with a solid warranty and more importantly sounds better than cheaper alternatives.

If the person giving you their budget understands this and realizes that the better quality gear is also better for their customers in this regard, they may give more money accordingly. The better the musicians, the better the gear, the better music will keep the customers returning for more, as well as free word of mouth advertising for even more customers.

I just Googled 'how to buy the right music equipment for your live gig' and there's many pages of advice you can begin with here:

Apart from this, you can also ask other musicians either who you already know, who would be performing with you or perhaps speaking with any musicians and/or checking musician wanted ads in music stores. I'm sure if anyone experienced realizes they have an opportunity to work/gig with you they'd be more than happy to help with the advice you need.

And remember, Teamwork is everything;-)

Hope this helps Fahim and best of luck with all your musical goals,

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