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When Luck Smiles At You by Eric Gichira on June 15, 2017 @ 9:52 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Hi Everyone,

Howdy! This is songwriter Eric Gichira. Would like to bring to your attention a new book that I've published, titled: ‘When Luck Smiles At You.' It's a great lyricbook that will help you become a notable songwriter. Get this resource and recommend it to your friends and family. See the links below:









About The Book:

In songwriting, simplicity is your greatest advantage. Always keep it pure and simple – and you'll be amazed how impactful your songs will be. Simple songs resonate with listeners. And that's precisely why many of them become hits.

I hereby present to you another simple and delightful title from my heart: ‘When Luck Smiles At You'. This lyricbook has some of the greatest lyrics that I've ever written so far. And in some ways…this book is dear to my heart.

The 6th in the Series: Country All The Way, ‘When Luck Smile At You' is a unique lyricbook and a worthy addition to the collection. It's deep and diverse, and quite ideal for all Country Music lovers. I sure hope that it attracts the attention of all songwriters – especially so, leading Country Singers and producers.

There're several lyrics here that would definitely turn into hits, were the melodies and musical genius of the likes of: Faith Hill, Taylor Swift, Josh Turner, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Lee Brice, would connect with them.

‘When Luck Smiles At You', adds freshness to the genre of Country Music. It contains a total of 30 lyrics. The book is divided into 3 parts, each consisting of 10 lyrics. Part One has lyrics for Male Vocals; Part Two has lyrics for Female Vocals; while Part Three has General Lyrics – ideal for either duets or male or female vocals.

The mastery of language, beauty of storytelling, and the visual pictures it creates in the mind of the reader – all add up to produce a quality package that's undeniably in a class of its own.

If you are a discerning Songwriter, then you'll find a lot to learn from this lyricbook. From how to write great lyrics, to how to package and market them. And I bet you'll be thrilled by the discovery of various storytelling techniques applied in this book.

Perhaps the best advice anyone will ever tell you, as a songwriter, is to write your songs your way. Now, that's exactly what I've done with – When Luck Smiles At You.

It's a must have in your library. Not just for prestige, but because it's a literary gem too. All said, I look forward to you buying this title and enjoying it. Please, recommend it to your friends too.

Thanks Always.


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