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Re: Me Too Warning!!! posted by blueswalker posted by blueswalker on November 20, 2022 @ 7:41 am
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On May 8, 2018 blueswalker wrote:

I find it amazing that after all this with the Me Too movement and all the scandals going on. That people are still on this website asking for female DJ, female saxophone ,why does it not matter what kind of music they play? I understand the female vocalist more. This prejudice If it's not because You are looking for a certain timbre. I think it's shameful, unfair and possibly even dangerous at least a pain in the... for the women that go on these jobs If the attitude is we want a beautiful female to play the saxophone, or DJ! Not because of their a talent or the style of music but Just because they are female.

Part of the reason is because an attractive female brings attention to the band more so than another dude in the band, also if you notice it's usually for tambourine, DJ, (don't see many local ad's for lady sax players) or backup percussion. basically easy to replace positions that you can slide a hot girl into, an ex girlfriends brothers(alternative/Phonk/DropBeat) band did that and all the members are openly gay so it was strictly just a business move to get horny dudes to follow them from club to club. The bass player programs all the effects and the drum changes and the girl pretty much dances around behind the DJ setup and says thing like "yah!!!" "kickit!!!!" and "whoo!!!!" before drum machine changes.