I NEED EARS posted by George Snow

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I NEED EARS on January 12, 2017 @ 12:44 am
by George Snow George Snow is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Let me begin by saying my voice SUCKS. It will be acceptable by about .01% of the population. I am also tone deaf. So, I seriously can not hear when I'm singing so terribly off-key. I've always recorded in studios with musicians who have guided me, and while I'll never sing on-key, made my takes acceptable to listen to without completely cringing.

Now there's Melodyne, which allows you to fix your pitch. If it shows you're singing an F and you pull that blob to a G, supposedly that note is now a G. For the most part, I can hear it. But, not always.

What I'm BEGGING for is a few pair of ears to listen to a few demos and let me know if the melodyne vocals are acceptable to the song. I know no one is going to say "you have a great voice". But, if the vocal is acceptable, I can give my crap vocal to a real singer and they can copy my notes, not my tonal crap.

I'm adding the lyrics, perhaps if you hear one or two really off putting notes you can highlight. Please don't highlight all of them, and don't tell me how bad my voice is. I already know.


Step lightly cross tightrope
Quicksand waits below
Pour coffee melt snowman
Troll grins time and again

Porcelain breaks my heart
Ceramic angels flying singing love songs
Wooden smokers steal my breath
Clock unwind time to find silence

Girl glares Boy boogies
Sickle falls bloody knees
Clown cries high skyway

Three children gone