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Is being a musician a viable career? Is it worth it? on August 30, 2019 @ 6:35 pm
by unam jiwabi  

I am considering becoming a musician and I know the realities of becoming a musician is very difficult and it is very competitive. Music school is almost never worth it unless if you've already been playing for years and go to a top music school and get connections with a major band or record lable but even so there's no requirement to have a B.A. in music to be a musician. The fact is that unless if you're planning to be a music teacher music school is a waste of both time and money for the vast majority of people.I am interested in becoming a musician because I grew up with music and had a genuine interest in it from a young age. As someone who is interested in becoming a guitarist and singer, I feel as though the work would be meaningful but I recognize that actually making it in music is not easy and while yes it is 100% possible if you are very good and understand the music business to make a full-time living a musician and even live very well it is not easy hence why you see so many musicians turn to teaching music to supplement their income.