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Re: Web Tech for Musicians posted by Erin Wiggers on April 23, 2019 @ 5:46 pm
by Lilly Johnson  

Hey! Personally I use avast and still hadn't any issues with that.
And about web tech opportunities, so not so far ago Show4me was released. It's specialized service for everyone involved in the music industry. With all of the necessary tools needed for a successful music business, assembled in one place. You can sell your music, merch, crowdfund your concert concerts and music albums, interact with fans directly, share the latest news, photos, and videos. If you have any issues with your business or want to do everything easier for free, just check Show4me on google!

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As far as you are a computer geek I bet you know a lot about antiviruses. I have only integrated soft. And I think it's not that good. Now I'm choosing between avast vs bitdefender. Which one of them would you advise?