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Re: Web Tech for Musicians posted by Erin Wiggers on May 21, 2016 @ 5:50 pm
by Daniel Dillon  


The biggest challenge is from the tech companies, like Google. Musicians aren't getting paid while YouTube makes over 27 billion year. 99% of the royalty checks are between 1-2 cents, and that's for a whole year. Even Adele is getting the British govt involved to stop YouTube from stealing her music.

Prince was going broke, he had to tour like he was 20 something again. it killed him. Scott Weyland talked with Howard Stern about how he had to tour non-stop to make a living, though he had a history of drugs and drinking he died of cardiac arrest, not an overdose.

So in order for a musician to make a living, the tech companies have to pay for the music they play. The streaming business is now over 60 billion a year with YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Pandora etc. 15 billion a year was the last high water mark for the entire music industry, now with streaming, it has grown by 4 times, yet the creators of music are getting next to nothing. "All About that Bass" only netted the composer and creator $5600, in total. That was a number one record in 78 countries with over a billion streams.

I'm a member of ASCAP, you can look up these figures if you want. If Music is going to live and grow and be high quality, musicians need to be able to make a living from their creations, in addition to their gigs. It is intellectual property. Google and Apple will sue you with 500 lawyers if you steal any of their source code, why does't this apply for Musical Creations?


Dan Dillon ASCAP composer/publisher since 1983

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Hello fellow music lovers!

Intro to Me
My name is Erin, and I am an Americana singer-songwriter based in Denver, Colorado. Music has always been my greatest passion, but it so happens that I am also a huge computer geek--well, perhaps just a geek in general. I have a Master's Degree in Entertainment Business, and for my day job I work as a web developer and conversion rate optimization specialist at a digital marketing agency.

In addition to working as a musician, I have also worked for promoters, record labels, and management agencies in the music industry. In my years of experience, I've realized that independent musicians have do more than just play music: they have to be entrepreneurs, marketers, and web designers, too! That's asking a lot of anyone, especially someone who just wants to get back to the music.

My Question to You
That being said, I would love to hear more about what you think are the greatest technological challenges facing indie musicians. What did you/are you having trouble with? Your website? Your EPK? Pitching your music to other professionals? As someone who wants to help other musicians put their best foot forward, how can I help address these problems?

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